Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gallery Talk: Death Penalty Art Show

Justice for All? Artists Reflect on the Death Penalty
Gallery Talk on February 16, 2007

Mary Mikel Stump, Gallery Director of the JCM gallery at Texas State University will hold a gallery talk on the exhibition, "Justice for All?: Artists Reflect on the Death Penalty".

The talk begins at 7 PM on Feb 16. The talk will touch on issues of art and protest/dissent and include comments on works in the death penalty art show.

There is an opening night reception on Feb 10 from 7-10 PM.

Mary Mikel Stump is curating an exhibition at Texas State University's art gallery entitled "Loyal Opposition", which runs Feb 20 - Mar 27. "Loyal Opposition" will focus on issues regarding social ills: racism, immigration, justice, consumption, gay rights, animal processing, death penalty, Apartheid, politics, and war.

Pictured: artist Ahren Lutz, #770(Castillo), mixed media on canvas.

M2 Gallery
325 W. 19th Street Houston, TX 77008

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