Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some Feedback Comments Left at Art Show

"Very powerful!"

"Awesome and inspiring. Makes you want to act and make changes"

"Very meaningful - poignant, about what we ought not to be doing - killing people."

"What words do you use? There really aren't any. Very personal, powerful, thought-provoking and compelling. I'm a bit numb to think what we are doing".

"Incredibly moving. Unique perspectives that made me think differently".

"Really nice work. Congratulations."

"Thank you - incredibly moving, informative & shows why the DP must be abolished."

"I wish every piece could win an award. What a chilling and powerful statement against state sponsored killing this collection makes. Thanks, TMN."

"Very powerful collection of images that disturb and lead to further thinking".

"A very moving exhibit and I am grateful to all those who worked to make it possible."

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