Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Video of Kids Against the Death Penalty at Save Jeff Wood Rally

At last weekend's rally to Save Jeff Wood several of his nieces, nephews and their friends attended wearing t-shirts that read KADP, Kids Against the Death Penalty. The San Antonio Express News mentioned them in their story on the rally:

Wood's relatives staged the rally with the Texas Moratorium Network, which wants a two-year moratorium on all death penalty cases. A second rally for Wood is planned for Aug. 16 in Austin.

Meanwhile, younger relatives have joined a group called Kids Against the Death Penalty.

“I'm here because Jeff Wood is innocent and on death row for a murder that he didn't commit,” said Gavin Been, 11, Wood's nephew.

Below is a video of them speaking with Capital-X about why they started KADP. These kids are amazingly articulate about how they feel about the death penalty.

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