Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Texas: 90+ Percent of Executions in 2007; Zero percent of national Tides anti-death penalty funds in 2006

Click Here to Write Governor Perry to protest execution of James Clark

Gov Rick Perry is about to equal the record of executions while in office that was set by former Governor Bush. 152 people were executed by Bush while he was governor. On April 11, Perry could reach number 152. The person's name who could become number 152 is James Clark. You can read more about him on his website. Clark may have mental retardation, so his execution should be stopped at least to make sure that Texas is not executing a person with mental retardation.

Clark would be the 12th inmate put to death this year in Texas, which has accounted for all but one of the nation's executions so far this year. At least nine other executions are scheduled in the state in the coming months.

Meanwhile, leaders of the U.S. anti-death penalty movement think it is more important to fund anti-death penalty work in states where there are no executions, such as Wisconsin and Iowa. In fact, those two states do not even have the death penalty.

The Tides Death Penalty Mobilization Fund

Fall 2006 State Strategies

Grantee Grant Amount
Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty $50,000
Iowans Against the Death Penalty $20,000
Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty $20,000
Maryland Citizens Against State Executions $2,500
Death Penalty Focus $45,000
Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty $45,000
TOTAL: $182,500

Total for Texas = zero (Great job, national leaders)

The following organizations have funded or advised the Death Penalty Mobilization Fund:

ACLU Capital Punishment Project
The Arca Foundation
Butler Family Fund
Columbia Foundation
Death Penalty Focus
Equal Justice USA
Junta for Progressive Action
The Justice Project
National Coalition Against the Death Penalty
New Mexico Coalition to Repeal the Death Penalty
The Open Society Institute
Public Welfare Foundation
The Quixote Center
Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty Project

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