Sunday, October 12, 2008

Video of Interview with Alvin Kelly - Scheduled for Execution in Texas Tuesday Oct 14

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Michael said...

Thanks for posting this. Really moving.

It's so hard to comment what I feel about put it into words, but I wanted to let you know I am out here reading and watching.

Gilles Denizot said...

It is monstruous to think that this life will no longer be in a few hours... "Thou Shalt Not Kill". A prayer for the victims, for the families and friends, and for Alvin Andrew Kelly.

Gilles Denizot
Administrator Abolish Death Penalty on

Anonymous said...

This is very cool


Anonymous said...

Although I could not watch this video,what punishemnt would you recommend for a self confessed murderer? He confesssed to killing my husbund, who had evidence of his commission of the murder(s) he was actually executed for. I feel for any innocent person, but he was far from innocent.Mrs. John T. Ford