Monday, January 01, 2007

Bush & Co. botch Saddam Hussein's Hanging

You can add the execution of Saddam Hussein to the long list of Bush Administration failures in Iraq.

The hanging of Saddam Hussein this past weekend was a rush job that deteriorated into an atmosphere reminiscent of a lynching. The Americans could have prevented the execution from becoming a farce by refusing to hand over Hussein until better preparations had been made, but instead Bush's "I wash my hands of this" approach ended up in a botched process that became another stage for sectarian vengeance that in turn will likely fuel more sectarian violence. The New York Times says the execution deteriorated "into a sectarian free-for-all that had the effect, on the video recordings, of making Mr. Hussein, a mass murderer, appear dignified and restrained, and his executioners, representing Shiites who were his principal victims, seem like bullying street thugs."

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